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>somewhere in the middle

>There has been much going on around here lately, though it probably hasn’t seemed so. I’ve been a woman in transition for what feels like (but assuredly isn’t) forever and, to be honest, I am a little tired out. A … Continue reading

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>option overload

>Stress can kill you. We’ve all read how stress is a risk factor for every malady under the sun and while I’m sure we’re all enjoying our yoga, red wine and long hot soaks in the tub (at least I … Continue reading

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>did I mention the bedbugs?

>…probably not, since that was the same time that the rest of life fell apart, including my computer. Well. Whoever said “don’t let the bedbugs bite” was a complete moron because, honey, if those buggers want to bite you there … Continue reading

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>write before you surf

>I committed the cardinal sin of writing this morning: I looked at the internet first. I sat down at the computer in a quiet house, pulled up my document, noticed an open MSN window, decided to just have a peek, … Continue reading

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>join up

>I got an email from MomsRising today asking me to petition my Congresspeople about paid family leave. This is something close to my heart because our decisions about adding another little one to our family have been completely about this … Continue reading

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