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Our tree is, as I like to call it, a mutt tree. It’s covered in the mishmash of our history, in every color under the sun, randomly hung with the love one can only give a beloved family mutt. Instead … Continue reading

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>Tomorrow I go home. But not really. Kind of. You see, a year ago my mom sold the house I “grew up in” – we moved a ton when I was little so this house had held the most, fifth … Continue reading

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>coupon casting

> One of the most endearing, and oddly nutty, things about my father: He sends me coupons. Hundreds. Every week, a bulging envelope arrives in my mailbox, full of everything from diaper coupons to “save $5 when you eat at … Continue reading

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>fairy tale day

>Her name was Aurora, and she was a princess. I, myself, was a grump. Certifiable. I came home tired and itchy and allergy riddled, alongside a prolonged problem with my appetite that is driving me nuts (namely, that it is … Continue reading

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>true friend

>I have an old-fashioned shiner – the first of my 32 years minus 2 days – and it was given to me by none other than my nearly 3 year old daughter… which she will point out to you with … Continue reading

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